Our paediatric therapy program is comprised of three components: physiotherapy, occupational therapy and sensory integration therapy.

Physiotherapy assists children in developing balance, coordination and movement.

Occupational therapy assists children in developing skills that they will need to look after themselves and succeed in school, such as writing, dressing, eating, etc.

Children with the following conditions may benefit from Paediatric Therapy:

  • learning problems
  • genetic conditions
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
  • behavioural problems
  • developmental delays
  • physical conditions or disease, e.g. spina bifida, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer, burns, orthopedic injury, etc.

Our qualified and experienced team of therapists and child development specialists assess the unique needs of each child to 18 years of age and provide therapy, where needed.  We strive to develop a program which will coordinate with your family’s life and include everyone in the circle of care.

Parents are encouraged to take part in therapy sessions in whatever role they are comfortable with. Therapy sessions provide an introduction to skills that should be worked on and practiced at home, in school or child care settings in order to develop.


Children to 18 years of age


Therapy services for children from school entry to 18 years of age are provided on a fee for service basis.

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