The Infant and Child Development program provides early intervention services to children from birth to school entry where there is a risk of developmental delay in any area, or where the child is experiencing a developmental delay.

Infant and Child Development Specialists provide a range of services and supports to families including:

  • Developmental assessments/screening
  • Intervention, coaching and/or modeling through regular home visits
  • Information/education
  • Consultation and Referral to other service providers
  • Service Coordination

The program recognizes that the family is the most important influence on a child’s development and promotes family confidence and active involvement in all aspects of service delivery.

The Infant and Child Development Professional will work with you to develop an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) to help your family meet milestones and achieve goals. Fun and educational activities can be easily worked into daily routines and involve other children in your home. At each home visit, we will review your child’s progress and update your IFSP as needed. You and your family are primarily responsible for your child’s developmental success and play an active role in helping your child learn. Your worker is there to give you advice, ideas, support and guidance along the way.

Additional services may be provided to support your child’s individual needs.  This may include specialized support to help you manage your child’s behavior and provide you with strategies to encourage your child’s development.


Children from birth to school entry.

The Infant and Child Development Program is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services at no cost to families.

To refer your child or for more information: