Play Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is used when counselling children and youth. It provides children with opportunities to express themselves in a safe, playful, and developmentally-appropriate manner.

Children who are experiencing moderate to severe behavioural and social/emotional difficulties may benefit from support in Play Therapy.

Play Therapy helps children to:

  • Heal from traumatic experiences
  • Understand and express their feelings
  • Communicate problems to others
  • Develop new ways of behaving and interacting
  • Cope with big feelings

In Play Therapy, the child uses play and art mediums to share and talk about how they are feeling. They are able to work out issues and learn new skills to help them cope. The Play Therapist helps guide the child through this learning process, and works with the family and other caregivers throughout.

Play Therapy/Counselling is provided on a fee for service basis.


Children to 18 years of age

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