S.T.E.P. helps families with children 6 years of age and younger to adapt and adjust to the ever-changing challenges of parenting a young child. This is a 6-week workshop series that:

  • Encourages parents to look at long-term parenting goals
  • Provides information on how young children think, act and feel
  • Promotes skills to enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of parenting
  • Helps children to develop self-esteem and confidence
  • Teaches new ways to encourage your child’s cooperation
  • Supports parents as people, too!

Each participant will receive a Parenting Young Children parent handbook*, with chapters that cover:

  • Understanding young children
  • Understanding young children’s behaviour
  • Building self esteem in the early years
  • Listening and talking to young children
  • Helping young children learn to cooperate
  • Discipline for young children
  • Young children’s social and emotional development

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