Child and Family Counselling can help caregivers address concerns such as:

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Self-esteem
• Life transitions
• Separation and divorce
• Relationship issues
• Parent coaching

Therapy is approached with empathy and openness .  We believe that every family is doing the best with what they know. We work directly with the child during individual sessions, also meeting with the parent(s) to share information and guidance.

Child and Family Counselling may be helpful for a child to address the following issues, in addition to those listed above:
• Anxiety or Depression
• Parental conflict and family stress factors
• Behavioural concerns
• Social challenges
• School issues/bullying
• Aggression

Eligibility: Children to 18 years of age

Child and Family Counselling is a Fee for Service Program and is covered by most private employment benefits

To refer your child to counselling or for more information: